Uncommon Solutions


We solve exotic geotechnical engineering problems by thinking differently. Combining modern tools with time-honored rigor allows us to tackle challenges that confound conventional engineers. Our purposeful approach is exceptionally effective on high-value projects like waterfront structures, industrial facilities, dams, deep excavations, machine foundations, and petroleum facilities.

Classic Geotechnical Engineers

We focus on soft ground, heavy loads, compressed schedules, and projects that require thoughtful planning and multidisciplinary engineering. We design specialty foundations, ground improvement, dewatering and shoring, and all manner of geotechnical works. We are avidly interested in our predecessor’s greatest achievements and strive to apply those lessons to our current assignments. Often that means delivering our work in a decidedly old-school manner.

Practical Solutions

When it comes down to it, we design solutions that you can actually build. We deliver a whole solution to the problem, not just a set of drawings that raise more questions than they answer. We stay involved through construction. Our drawings include dimensions and horizontal control to give a leg-up to the crew that will be laying out the work. Your superintendents are going to love working with us.

Working With Us

We understand your business, embed our staff with yours, collaborate with your material suppliers, and locate uncommon equipment. We produce drawings and specifications, not reports, and apply for building permits like a civil or structural engineer. Expect responsiveness, exceptional service, accuracy, and innovation at every stage of every project.

Bring us your tough challenges

Our explicit commitment to traditional “muddy boots” engineering distinguishes us from ordinary geotechnical engineering firms. We are attracted to unique challenges. The more complicated, the more multidisciplinary, the more we want to be involved. We have literally traveled clockwise to the end of the earth for an interesting project.

Practical and Pragmatic

We‘ve probably solved a problem a lot like the one you’re facing today. For over a decade we’ve been overcoming the toughest geotechnical engineering problems our clients have thrown at us. Our collective experience allows us to approach problems from a different perspective than narrowly focused and geographically limited firms. We understand how heavy infrastructure actually gets built, what it costs, and how long things take. When we propose a solution, more often than not we’ve already seen it work under similar circumstances.

A Wide Geographic Reach

We work on projects across the US, Canada, and throughout the Pacific. For select clients we’ve worked in Africa, Bangladesh, and Newfoundland. We are registered Engineers in numerous US states and Canadian provinces. Our people are capable of reaching remote sites ready-to-work. We are equally comfortable working from urban high-rise hotel rooms as from camps. Our management systems, banking relationships, and insurance all support working anywhere you need us.

Implementation Support

Even really practical engineered solutions are useful only when you can see them through. Often our best designs require specialty equipment, or an uncommon quality assurance test, or long-lead-time materials—except we probably know someone who already has some. Over the years, we’ve cultivated trusted relationships, and we’ll introduce you to our collaborators who can help solve your problems. We stay involved through execution to help Owners and Contractors with the technical challenges of tendering and contracting for specialty work.

Committed to Safety

Lastly, we share a culture of safety with our best clients. Our in-house program addresses the challenges that face engineers working extended hours at remote sites, from fatigue, to weather, and wildlife. Matching our safety program to yours creates mutual respect and a unified approach to getting the work done.

Project Types

  • Airport
  • Barrier
  • Bridge
  • Building
  • Dam
  • Deep Foundation
  • Dispute
  • Earthquake
  • Electricity
  • Excavation
  • Ground Improvement
  • HDD Crossing
  • Industrial
  • Land Slide
  • Landfill
  • Military
  • Natural Gas
  • Oil
  • Pipeline
  • Power Plant
  • Rail
  • Road
  • Stadium
  • Wharf