We are an intentionally small core crew with the ability to add specialists to our team as needed. Through solving uncommon engineering problems for decades, we’ve met a vast number of experts in related fields that we draw on when their specific knowledge is required. It’s not every day that we need a cartographer or a welding inspector, but not only do we have these people in our contacts list, we’re good enough friends that they almost always agree to join our team at a moment’s notice.

Some of the clutch players available to join our team include:

  • Phil Myers, who literally wrote the book on aboveground storage tanks.
  • We often collaborate with Dr. Steve Dickenson, an internationally acclaimed geotechnical earthquake engineer who we’ve known since 1987.
  • We just completed our first project with Frank Pita, one of the leading dewatering experts in the Northwest.
  • Dave Roggenkamp has been designing weld details and foundation reinforcement for us for over a decade. 

Having access to this talented pool of specialists lets us to scale to meet the challenges of any project that intrigues us.