Pipeliners have the Coolest Tools

2013-09-19 12.37.33
I had an excellent day yesterday with GeoEngineers, Brotherton Pipeline and Snelson in Ceres, CA. The assignment was field engineering the entry and exit points on an intricate series of horizontal directional drills under a busy arterial street.  An extra bonus was seeing the fantastical array of tools used on pipeline projects.

My personal favorite is this little track-mounted crane+carryall. It’s perfect for picking up heavy stuff and moving it to some other place. Those of  you who have seen the equipment storage  shed here at Atlas World Headquarters know exactly what I’m thinking: we need one of these for moving Pelican cases full of soil sampling tools out of the way so we can get back to the fussy electronic monitoring equipment on the shelves. And once we had it here, of course, we’d use it for all kinds of other stuff like taking out the trash.

Overall, GeoEngineers, Brotherton Pipeline, and Snelson are doing excellent work on a challenging assignment, are working safely, keeping ahead of schedule, and are handling unexpected challenges as fast as they come up. We all know it’s not the tools but the people that make projects successful, and it’s a pleasure being involved with their project.