Long-Duration Earthquake Effects

Atlas Geotechnical is very pleased to be part of the research team that the California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (CSMIP) selected for a 2012 Data Interpretation Project focussed on the behavior of port structures during long duration seismic shaking.  The award is mainly because Dr. Steve Dickenson is our team’s principal investigator. Steve has long been a recognized leader in port seismic design, and his practical approach to validating the numerical model used by the engineers at Halcrow  was likely the winning feature of our proposal.

A research project like this is an excellent example of the diversity that Atlas Geotechnical has been working to achieve. In addition to the chance to work with Steve and with Halcrow, this project offers a chance to meet the port engineers at Oakland, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, and also to present to the CSMIP committee a couple of times in the course of completing the research. The work kicks off in early July with visits to the ports to collect reports and as-built data.