• Published on June 1, 2012
  • Categories: Musings

As a boutique earth sciences consultancy working on unusual projects all over the world, Atlas Geotechnical has never had a simple explanation of what work we do or what type of company we are. A defining characteristic of Atlas, in fact, has been our ability to deliver high quality services in response to almost any requirement, on any schedule, anyplace in the world. While our flexibility helped us cement durable relationships with those customers whose projects often had unique requirements, at the same time being so flexible complicates explaining Atlas to potential customers who are not already familiar with our work.

Rebranding was necessary to simplify the explanation of what Atlas Geotechnical is and what we do exceptionally well, in support of our 2012 goal of re-integrating into the west coast engineering community. An ever-growing customer base encouraged us to improve our outward presentation as the next step in our business evolution.  Our core values, though, the characteristics that differentiate Atlas from conventional consultancies, remain unchanged. Durable, long-lasting, personal relationships with our customers and crew will always be a defining characteristic. Our commitment to technical excellence and engineering rigor is intrinsic; we don’t know any other way to practice engineering. And the flexibility and responsiveness that enabled all the growth, success, and great experiences up to this point, is still our strongest attribute.

The visual impact of the new logo, the simple clean lines on this website and in our deliverables, even this place where we can share little bits of the ongoing story, are all aspects of that desire to reach a wider audience through better accessibility and a simplified narrative. We’re hopeful that explaining our unique approach to engineering will make Atlas more accessible to a wider range of customers and collaborators, ultimately creating new opportunities for us to do excellent work on ever more challenging projects.