X-Ray Wharf Improvements


Atlas Geotechnical supported Guam MACC Builders with full-time field engineering and geotechnical quality control services as they installed 1,400 feet of new bulkhead along the face of X-Ray wharf at Naval Base Guam. The new wharf is conventional steel sheetpiles tied back into the existing capping beam, backfilled with granular fill, and covered with Portland cement concrete pavement. The backfill was placed through water and improved by cement deep soil mixing. Threading the mixing head between bulkhead tie rods turned out to require precise measurement, particularly during night shifts when working under lights.


X-Ray Wharf was constructed at the close of WWII as a cold storage facility in support of the Marshall Plan in Japan. The structure has 3 different construction types, one of which is a “relieving platform,” a pile-supported concrete structure buried under 4 feet of fill that is capped with pavement. Supporting the Manitowoc 4100 and Liebherr 885HD cranes on the 70-year old deck required careful planning. Dive inspection of the marine piles revealed surprisingly good condition for a WWII-era facility, and simple crane matting was sufficient to distribute construction loads.

Project Type

  • Wharf

Project Details



Atlas Cost: $320,000

Project Cost: $44 million


Guam MACC Builders A JV


NAVFAC Pacific


March 2017