Extraordinary Foundation Solutions


We specialize in soft ground, heavy loads, high-risk construction, and similar projects that require thoughtful, multi-disciplinary engineering. Our purposeful approach is exceptionally effective on waterfront structures, industrial facilities, dams, deep excavations, machine foundations, and failure analyses. We design specialty foundations, ground improvement, dewatering and shoring, and all manner of geotechnical works. Our explicit commitment to traditional “muddy boots” engineering differentiates Atlas Geotechnical from ordinary geotechnical engineering firms.


Atlas Geotechnical is a full services earth sciences consultancy. Our expertise tracks the full arc of project development from feasibility studies and site characterization through analyses, design, validation testing and quality control. Value engineering efforts are a specialty because of our constructability and cost estimating expertise. Responsiveness, customer service, accuracy, and innovation characterize our approach to every stage of every project.

Project Types

  • Airport
  • Barrier
  • Bridge
  • Building
  • Dam
  • Deep Foundation
  • Dispute
  • Earthquake
  • Electricity
  • Excavation
  • Formula One
  • Ground Improvement
  • HDD Crossing
  • Hydroelectric
  • Industrial
  • Intake
  • Land Slide
  • Landfill
  • Military
  • Natural Gas
  • Oil
  • Pipeline
  • Power Plant
  • Rail
  • Road
  • Stadium
  • Wharf