Hilo Pier 4 Interisland Cargo Terminal


Two of the most important construction companies in the islands, Healy Tibbits Builders and Hawaiian Dredging, teamed up to build a new 600-foot long container wharf at Hilo Harbor. Soil conditions were particularly challenging, even for the Big Island, with 20 to 30 feet of fractured basalt crust over thick deposits of loose lagoon sediments.


Atlas Geotechnical had worked for HTBI on the adjacent Pier 3 extension project a decade before and we knew about the challenging soil conditions and the difficulties of working next to an active fuel pier, the supply point for almost all motor fuels on the Big Island. Work stoppages during fuel deliveries and prop wash disturbances of our sediment curtain added difficulty to an already challenging project.


The project included almost every possible type of waterfront construction: driven concrete piles, permanent sheetpiles, steel anchor piles, temporary pipe piles and templates, dredging, shoreline armoring, difficult predrilling, offshore pile load tests, and both underwater and over-water concrete. Atlas Geotechnical had engineers at the site through each phase of the project assuring quality in the finished work and supporting with the engineers and safety personnel to improve processes and increase productivity.

Project Type

  • Wharf

Project Details

Hilo, HI


Atlas Cost: $395,000

Project Cost: 68.5 million


Hawaii Harbor Constructors


Hawaii Department of Transportation


March 2018