24″ Underwater Water Line Crossing Ford Island – Landing C


Atlas Geotechnical was the HDD Quality Control Specialist for Healy Tibbitts’ 3,500-foot drilled water line crossing beneath Pearl Harbor. The alignment ran from near the windrose and the end of the historic Ford Island runway to near the shipyard in the main part of the base. The crossing was longer than might have been expected in order not to disturb the bullet marks and bomb craters caused by the December 7, 1941 attack. Two sets of strafing gauges were located in the pavement just outside the construction trailer, which filled with water each rainshower for a poignant reminder of the area’s significance.


Michels Directional Crossings was HTBI’s subcontractor for HDD work, and performed with their usual competence and efficiency. The pilot hole had no difficulties staying with the alignment and the exist point was very close to the design. Stringing the steel casing for pullback was challenging because of the complicated 3-dimensional curve needed to curve the casing onto the airfield and also elevate it so that it could match the entry angle. Pullback of the casing and the fusible PVC carrier pipe was completed without incident.

Project Type

  • HDD Crossing

Project Details

Ford Island


Atlas Cost: $117,000

Project Cost: $16.5 million


Healy Tibbitts Builders, Inc.


Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Pacific


September 2018