Irrigation Dams


Atlas Geotechnical evaluated and designed improvements for five dams at irrigation reservoirs on Kauai. All of the dams were built by large plantations between 1890 and 1920, and all had been neglected for more than a decade after the plantations closed and irrigation declined or stopped altogether. Puu Opae dam above Kekaha on the West Side has the greatest change of being restored to service, so we completed a detailed evaluation of embankment stability and geologic hazards necessary for State permitting. Four dams above Anahola are affected by water rights and ditch maintenance issues, so efforts were limited to cutting trees from the embankments and removing the outlet works gate valves.

Project Type

  • Dam

Project Details

Kauai, HI


Atlas Cost: $150,000

Project Cost: $3.9 million


Lyon Associates, Inc.


Hawaii Department of Hawaiian Home Lands


June 2012