Mapunapuna Storage


Parts of the site have settled more than 8 feet since the land was reclaimed by filling in the lagoon and covering deep soft alluvial deposits. Atlas Geotechnical provided fast–track value engineering redesign of the foundation supporting a new storage building in the Mapunapuna industrial neighborhood near Honolulu International Airport. We re-drilled the site to collect high-quality samples necessary for quantitative foundation engineering, redesigned the foundation in collaboration with Swinerton Builders and Healy Tibbitts Builders, who were already selected for the project, and were able to reduce foundation costs and schedule sufficiently to correct the broken pro–forma and get the project authorized for construction

Project Type

  • Building

Project Details

Honolulu, HI


Atlas Cost: $75,000

Project Cost: $3.4 million


Swinerton Builders


Nationwide Self Storage


April 2012